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The more you know: a comparison of hand tied and fusion hair extensions

Whether you’re looking for chemical free color, length or fullness, extensions can transform your hair in just a few hours. There are so many options available and the verbiage can feel like a different language if you’re not familiar.

As a hair extension specialist, I’ve been certified in many methods over the years and I currently offer two elite techniques. These methods are Great Lengths keratin fusion and Invisible bead extensions (IBE). These methods are both top of their class and great for fine hair.

Cold fusion Great Lengths Extensions are individual bonds that are applied to the hair with an ultrasonic vibration, On average, they last 3-6 months with no move ups. The hair strands cannot be reused. The patented Great Length bond is made of the same keratin your hair is made of, allowing the bond to expand and contract with your natural hair for a tension free experience. Great Lengths are so versatile and great for super fine hair. I’ve personally worn GL for years and they are so comfortable you forget you have them in, which exactly extensions should feel.

Invisible bead extensions IBE Is the #1 most requested hand tied extension method. Side note-did you know that the term “hand tied” has nothing to do with the method but actually refers to the hairs being individually tied onto a weft of hair?
IBE is a patented hidden bead method that provides styling versatility and prevents damage to the hair. I’m currently wearing IBE and they are so comfortable and seamless. With weft methods, they do require move ups every 6-8 weeks, The wefts themselves can be reused multiple times. I recommend replacing a few every 4-6 months.

Most people can wear either of these methods safely. Every extension application is unique and customized for your hair, scalp, and lifestyle. Reach out to schedule a consultation and we'll find the right fit for you.
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