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Summer care for Great Lengths extensions

After the past year, i'm especially looking forward to summer! The sunshine, warmer temps and longer days are calling my name.

Summer is a hard time for your hair, whether you have extensions or not. Here are a few tips to protect your investment this season.

Products are so incredibly important for the maintenance and longevity of extensions. A quality, sulfate free shampoo and conditioner is essential. I recommend Great Lengths daily moisture shampoo and 60 second conditioner. Shampooing 1-3 times a week is ideal. Apply shampoo to wet hair, focusing in the crown area. Follow with conditioner, focusing only on your ends. Keeping a wide tooth comb in the shower is helpful for combing tangles out. Comb with care though, as hair is most fragile when wet.

Additionally, I gift all my guests a bottle of GL anti tap, which helps to balance the PH of the bonds. Anti tap is to be applied lightly to your bonds anytime they get wet.

On the flip side, be mindful of products like sunscreen, self tanner, bronzer, and makeup that can discolor your hair or cause slippage to your bonds.

“Can i swim?”

The million dollar question

Yes, you can swim. I would recommend avoiding getting your hair wet. If you will be getting your hair wet, make sure to bring a schrunchie and pull your hair up to avoid tangles. As soon as possible, shampoo with a clarifying shampoo, followed by a moisture shampoo and conditioner and brush brush brush.

I personally, don't recommend swimming however, because, in my experience, after having a beach day, the last thing you want to do is shampoo and blowout your hair. And hello, matting . So, in the end, it's a judgement call.

And finally, brush brush brush!

GL require little maintenance other than brushing. Make sure to brush 3 times a day at least with your great lengths brush. Avoid brushes not specifically made for extensions.

Questions? Concerns? Schedule a bond checkup! Better safe than sorry

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